Are our world leaders leading in the style stakes?

Athens, Greece – September 7, 2017: French president Emmanuel Macron with his wife Brigitte during a welcoming ceremony at the presidential palace in Athens, as part of his two-day official visit to Greece.

There’s a new president in the White House and it’s been all eyes on the political action – and the suit choices. Sizing up the fashion tastes of male leaders around the world, we’re giving you the lowdown on who’s paving the way to style success and who’s letting appearances slip. Most importantly, we spill the beans on how to emulate the great dressers of our times, whilst taking some much-needed sartorial learnings from other leaders’ style mistakes.  

The ‘Great Style’ Leaders

Emmanuel Macron

The President of France always looks put together and slick – he is French, after all. He loves navy tones and primarily opts for beautifully tailored suits, which is great because good tailoring is always in style. He’s sure to wear his timeless suits for many years to come making them a more sustainable choice.   

To get the look, offset your dark suit with the crispest white shirt money can buy. Macron steers clear of novelty ties, instead colour matching with his suit for the perfect pairing. Most recently, he’s even been seen in a coordinating face mask, accented with a small French flag to the side. Now that’s how to do business style in 2021.

Barack Obama

Obama, notably the first African-American president of the United States, wears perfectly tailored suits that fit like a glove. He certainly possesses that je ne sais quoi when it comes to putting his outfits together.

Trying to emulate his cool aesthetic? He takes a more relaxed approach to suiting and accessories. Whether that’s a khaki linen shirt with his chinos or a patterned tie with a pale blue shirt, he’s not afraid to bring some smart colour and print to his formal ensembles.

Justin Trudeau

Canada’s Prime Minister is admired globally for his sense of style. Also investing in well-tailored looks, he adds a dose of youthful personality. He’s well known for his interesting sock choices, whether sending a political message with rainbow striped socks with ‘Eid Mubarak’ woven into them or having fun with a Star Wars pair on 4th May.

Take inspiration from Justin’s playful approach to fashion but be sure – just like him – to ground the colourful accessories with a killer suit. He’s made statement socks his trademark, from snazzy pairs with the emblem of NATO on them to maple leaf printed pairs, but always teams them with monochrome suiting to keep things professional overall.

The Leaders Who Should Fire Their Stylist (Or Hire One)

Boris Johnson

Turning to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom sadly ends our style success stories. Instead, Boris consistently sports unruly, messy hair plus unpolished outfits. He wears ill-fitting, baggy shirts and sloppy suits, which often look crumpled and haphazard.

Clearly, his is a look we want to avoid. So to prevent any risk of looking like one of today’s worst-dressed leaders, schedule an appointment with your trusted tailor and ensure you take good care of your suits by having them dry-cleaned and pressed. Not only does this keep you looking sharp but it means your garments will last longer when afforded the proper care they deserve.

Donald Trump

Last… and unfortunately least, is Donald Trump’s style. Perhaps stuck in the eighties, Trump is most often seen in boxy two-piece suits that aren’t very flattering on him. What’s more, he wears extremely long (and wide) ties, which hang well below his waistline.

Be sure to avoid Donald’s fashion faux pas by having your tie fall perfectly at your belt buckle. It shouldn’t be hanging past this point and it shouldn’t be too short against your torso either. Make sure you’re suited and booted with a few classic suits that are tailored to your individual body shape, too. Wearing a suit should feel as comfortable as if you’re stepping into a second skin ­– and if you turn to a talented tailor, your suit can make you look taller, slimmer and accentuate those shoulders (none of which is happening in Boris’ or Donald’s case).

Hopefully these do’s and don’ts of business style have been eye-opening. As ever, we’re just a click, call or visit away in helping you with a winning suit (or three). Do you agree with our world leader style evaluation? Who’s your suit style icon in politics and why?  

Author: Gary Sweeney