Professional Image, Colour and Style Consultancy at Ascots & Chapels

Colour Consultancy

Janet Small is a professional Image, Colour and Style Consultant with the Middle East operation of Ascots & Chapels – a UK based bespoke master tailor with a 130 year heritage in creating top-quality, hand-crafted clothing.

In her current role, Small offers patrons of Ascots & Chapels valuable insight into the finer aspects of power dressing, colour use and style tips. Through several years of experience in male fashion, Small firmly believes in the need to incorporate individuality and a sense of personality when offering wardrobe consultancy to our clients.

Highly regarded in the world of male fashion, her passion is born out of a love for dressing people and a professional understanding of human psychology and cultures. Her know-how on everything from dressing for the boardroom to less formal occasions and public engagements makes Small a trusted resource for gentleman looking to make a statement.

Small is credited with giving British celebrity chef, James Martin, a successful image makeover, among other elite celebrity client lists. Small provides Ascots and Chapels patrons with the ability to explore the art of dressing and the importance of colour and style. She also educates patrons about the importance of dressing the part at the workplace laying emphasis on dressing for the job you want rather than the job you have. To be thourough in analytical procedures such as these, Ascots & Chapels encourages a strict Appointments Only policy.

Dress for Success Seminars

Dress for Success seminars are also a fundamental aspect to Ascots and Chapels workshops, whereby executives and directors across organizations have the opportunity to understand the importance of ‘dressing the part’ thus creating a lasting impression that can contribute to the success of business professionalism during chief meetings.

Education on personal grooming, style and dressing can be a tricky topic due to its subjective nature. Ascots & Chapels’ corporate image consulting services can help establish a business identity for corporations that will successfully represent their brand, products or clients. Corporate Dress for Success seminars can establish a positive platform for an image makeover beneficial to the organization’s workforce productivity and self esteem. All our consultations will be customized based on the company’s identity and work culture.

Ascots & Chapels has offers style solutions to bankers and corporate executives regarding donning a more professional fashion attire, at work.

Dress for the job you have than what you want.

Visiting Tailor Service

Patrons can also opt for our Visiting Tailor Service. This is an exclusive concept we have developed that delivers specialised consultations and fittings to your home, workplace or hotel. Every visit can be privately scheduled between meetings, lunchtime or even at the end of the day. Ascots & Chapels endeavours to provide you with our uninterrupted attention and time at your convenience. We have a nationwide network of visiting tailors who would visit you at home or office to take your measurements, and extreme and I advise you on choosing from our premium range of English and Italian fabrics, fancy linings and unique styles to provide that perfect fit to flatter your individual body type.

In addition, we will provide you with our fabric swatch line to assist you in the selection process. Individual details of your bespoke suit will also be discussed. The second visit will verify the final fitting, check finer details and once confirmed, send your personalized suit for a final finishing touch by Ascots & Chapels. After all meticulous details have been discussed and you are satisfied with the final outcome, your exclusive Ascots & Chapels suit will be delivered to your doorstep.

Once you have decided to invest in your wardrobe, a Wardrobe Advisor will be permanently assigned to you and she will oversee all of your purchases and manage your account for you. If necessary she will advise you on what shoes to wear to give you that perfect Ascots & Chapels sartorial look.