‘The genius is all in the cut’.


In our quest to cater to the finest array of apparel for men, Ascots & Chapels endeavour to use a diverse range of material, woven exclusively by our suppliers. Supreme quality and classic designs is the benchmark across more than 6,000 materials utilized by Ascots & Chapels.

A fine and noble blend of fibres are utilized to create fabrics perfect for superior luxury suiting, which boasts of over 1000 lining samples. Ascots & Chapels’ stylistic archive includes traditional tailoring fabrics such as Pure New Wool and Wool Blends which are the hallmark of British suiting heritage. Bright tonal plain shades of Merino Extra Fine Panama at 250 gms in two fold warp and weft, is a popular choice of fabric for the spring and summer season while lightweight tropical panama at 215 gms in Super 110 makes the perfect summer fashion statement. Soft milled finishes contrasted with sober flannels of Savile Row in vivid blues , winter coatings with a hint of woollen weft and inclusion of lambswool, set the trend for a classic winter look.

Rendering personal styling services on our premises, assists you in making the perfect choice resulting in an intricately personalised garment. Every suiting fabric is exclusively woven to cater to the diverse needs of men’s attire, with specific preferences kept in mind.

At Ascots & Chapels we offer quality luxury suiting down to every intricate aspect. With an extensive range of over 4000 shirting samples comprising of timeless, classics and contemporary designs, we house the finest quality of shirting fabrics, ranging from English and Swiss Cotton to The Luxury of Sea Island, in a multitude of colours, patterns and designs.

Besides the incredible quality of shirting fabrics, we incorporate equally good interlinings to assure our customers the quality and longevity of their shirt.

Utilization of the finest blend of fibres to bring forth innovative creative offerings for the luxury suiting market is at the core of Ascots & Chapels strategic objectives. The beautiful array of suiting designs in seasonal shades at your disposal, offer to spoil you with choice. Combining knowledge of latest fashion trends, exploiting an enviable fabric archive and incorporating your vision, will help us create modern day classics.


While the fabric you choose will define the appearance of your suit, the construction and cutting technique will determine the style and ultimate fit of the suit.

We use an evolving ‘Cut’ to suit contemporary trends, achieving an intersection between tradition and modern design. This is demonstrated with ‘soft and round shoulders’ that enhance the impression of a broad chest and a slim waist in order to create the illusion of a slimmer frame. Higher Cut armholes and tapered sleeves and cuffs ensure the suit moves with the body frame, dispensing with the boxy old-fashioned frame associated with a traditional suit.


Ascots & Chapels offers a range of accessories including ties, cravats, handkerchiefs, cufflinks, socks, metal collar stays, trilby hats, bow ties and pocket squares. These can be the finishing touches to an exclusive suiting experience,. Our wardrobe consultants are at your service, to advise you what combinations of colours and patterns would complement you best.

Ascots and Chapels pays great attention to customised trims such as inner lining, contrast handmade button holes, mother-of-pearl or corozo buttons, horse hair in the canvas and the option to have custom monogramming.