5 ways to be stylish AND eco-friendly

It’s Sustainability Month at Ascots & Chapels so today’s blog is all about environmentally sound style….

Are your fashion choices contributing to landfill? Well, with an estimated 92 million tonnes of textiles waste created every year, it’s highly likely. By 2030, the population is expected to be discarding more than 134 million tonnes of textiles a year. Considering that clothes will remain in landfill for over 200 years before they biodegrade, it’s clear we all need to do more to tackle this unsustainable problem. So read on for five sustainable ways to stay stylish.

  1. Tailoring is a great investment

It’s time to see your tailor. Opting for good quality tailored key pieces is better than buying loads of cheap items that don’t last very long and will have to be thrown away. Not only does bespoke tailoring help you avoid fast fashion and the throwaway culture that comes with it but it’s also a more timeless choice style-wise too. A good cut and premium cloths never go out of fashion.

  1. Labels are there to be checked

Read and understand the care labels on all of your potential purchases. It’s better for the planet, for example, if you can wash on a cold or mild cycle and can avoid tumble drying. It’s worth noting clothes can be washed less than you think. Of course, if you’ve got gym gear drenched in sweat we’re not trying to stop you getting it clean, but many everyday clothing items can be worn two to three times before having to be washed. This saves water as well as keeping the fabric in better condition for longer.

Check the fabric type too. Opt for good quality fabric that’s also more sustainable, such as organic cotton. What does organic cotton entail? Organic cotton farming doesn’t allow the use of genetically modified organisms or toxic chemicals. It combines science, innovation and tradition to promote a good quality of life for our shared environment. By choosing it over regular cotton, you’re reducing your environmental footprint by using less of the world’s resources, which will make you feel good as well as looking great in your brand new shirt.

  1. Be picky when it comes to brands

Some companies take corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously and some couldn’t care less. The main purpose of CSR is to give back to the community, provide positive social value and take part in philanthropic causes. Do your research; look into which brands have CSR initiatives in place and avoid those that simply don’t bother.

Examples of brand initiatives to look out for include whether they offer Fairtrade certified fabric, whether they’ve taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint, whether they’ve improved labour policies in developing countries, and if they’re involved in any charitable giving or volunteering in the community.

  1. Rise above fleeting trends

We’re all about having fun with fashion and finding new styles to suit you. However, buying into trends that won’t last or looks that aren’t right for your body type or lifestyle doesn’t make any sense. It’s wasteful for your wallet and planet Earth.

For instance, you’re always going to look great and have the opportunity to wear a crisp white shirt. Meanwhile, illuminating yellow might be Pantone’s colour of the year 2021 but you should be questioning your sanity if you’re trying to rock a bright yellow shirt in the office in 2022.

  1. Choose Ascots & Chapels

Now we would say that, you’re probably thinking. But here’s just a couple of ways we’ve chosen to go green. We use eco-friendly packaging for all our orders and recycled paper for our gift cards.

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Scottish charity Trees for Life. With every suit sold, a tree will be planted, which helps communities to thrive and provides a space for wildlife to flourish. Who knew suit shopping could get even better?

Style connoisseurs and environmentalists alike agree that fast fashion should be avoided wherever possible. Make like the movers and shakers and ensure you stay clear of it too. Go for tailoring, read and understand the care labels on clothes, research which brands you’re happy to give your business to, keep it timeless and visit your nearest Ascots & Chapels tailors soon. Happy sustainable shopping, fellas!    

Author: Gary Sweeney