Your bespoke dress guide for those December parties

It’s December already? It really is. And December is synonymous with that festive feeling, all the events and end of year celebrations and, of course, the upcoming big New Year’s Eve party. Don’t panic if you think you’ve left it too late for the tailors. We’re here and what follows is your ultimate style guide for party dressing for the different occasions this season is probably throwing at you.

Oh, and we’re not talking about stuffy white and black tie dress codes here. This year, we’re toning it down a notch and adding some youthful, modern flair into our bespoke holiday looks.

“Dressing well is a form of good manners.” Tom Ford, American fashion designer

The Office Party

Now, there’s always a story post office party, isn’t there? And usually not the most favourable of tales. So make sure the gossip isn’t about your bad outfit. Okay? Okay. Hopefully you actually make it out of the office and into a nice restaurant you’ve been wanting to try or perhaps a fancy bar. The likelihood is people might be going straight from the day’s work so make sure you wear one of your favourite suits (or a new one in the making) on party day.

You’ll probably be losing the suit jacket on arrival (taking it off, not actually losing it we hope), so make sure your shirt – which will become a focal point – is a great one. Casual is fine, with your top button undone, but ensure you haven’t scrimped on fabric quality. Also, check with your tailor for a flattering colour depending on your skin tone. It could be a nice idea to add a hint of Christmas-themed accessories. You can get away with a playful motif sock, for instance, or go for seasonal colours like holly red and pine tree green to play to the season.

The Christmas Dinner

“Putting on a beautifully designed suit elevates my spirit, extols my sense of self, and helps define me as a man to whom details matter.” Gay Talese, American writer

So you’re having a feast with your parents or maybe even, dare we say it, the in-laws. It’s not often we get a chance for this kind of get together so why not turn up in your finery? You can always lose a few layers and feel more casual as the evening carries on.

You want to look good, naturally, but you need to be comfortable. So you’re not going to be sitting at the dinner table in a tux! If it’s clearly a more homely event and a full bespoke suit isn’t called for, try a perfectly tailored chino trouser, maybe styled with a cashmere sweater. Your tailor will ensure you have some breathing room in your trousers for when you’re sat down and, well, well-fed. You don’t want to rock the boat so we recommend calming neutral tones for a family feel.

“People always ask me what the trends are, but I’m not a believer in trends. Individuality is more important to me, to stand out and have the confidence to wear something you’re comfortable in – it just happens. I’m comfortable wearing a suit.” David Gandy, British model

The NYE Party

Gone are the days that you need to wear a three-piece suit for New Year’s Eve festivities. Countdown to 2023 in a more casual manner. After all, there’s probably going to be a lot of action on the dance floor! As with most events, plus the colder weather, it’s important to consider layers that will see you through different temperatures and moments of the evening. A smart designer coat is a great way to rock up to the event – practical, too. Then you might want the full suited look underneath your outerwear for initial first impressions. After that, is it a bespoke waistcoat? Or do you go straight to the premium cotton shirt? That will depend on the invite and the host’s preferred style. Just don’t lose any more layers than we’ve just specified before lights out.

Any more social events filling up your calendar as the holiday season continues? If you’ve got a special event you need to impress at, we’re right there with you. Pop in or call your local tailor so we can get your party look ready pronto. And we look forward to seeing the new year in with you soon, perfectly stitched and exquisitely presented. Have a good one, gents.

“Always dress like you’re going somewhere better.” Andrew Wiggins, Canadian basketball player

Author: Gary Sweeney