Clothing tips that make my body look better?

It’s a valid question. Are there really styling and clothing top tips or insider know-how that will really make our body look its best? In Ascots & Chapels latest blog post for the discerning gentleman, we unpack a few clothing tips we’ve come across and validate or myth-bust as we go. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to pick apart the solid advice from the questionable rumours you’d be best ignoring. Happy reading…

“Black makes me look slimmer.”

As well as the colour of mourning and fashion’s favourite shade, black has been known for centuries to ‘slim’ the wearer. We get a lot of men coming in to see our master tailors and suggesting a black suit will make them look fitter. Many think the same about block colours too. If you are slim or in shape then, indeed, black can look great on you!

However, if you have a large body type, all black and block colour can make you look just like that – a block! For bigger men, we actually suggest dressing in tonal greys, for instance. This can help break up the silhouette and can actually be more slimming than solid black looks.

“A loud print shows I’m confident.”

When it comes to style, we’re all about being able to rock what you want and what makes you feel best and, well, truly you. Some men can cover up insecurities with a bold outfit but the thing to remember is that large, loud prints will draw even more attention to your body shape. So if you are making improvements in that department or you don’t want the focus to be on your size, it’s best to avoid super-dramatic looks.

Instead opt for small patterns or even textured fabrics such as knits. This draws the eye to small details and lets people take in the elements of your outfit, rather than one overwhelming heavy print.

That’s not to say there’s not a time and a place to make a statement. We just want you to feel your best when you do!

“Vertical stripes make me look thinner.”

This is an age-old clothing fact we can get behind. Always opt for vertical stripes over horizontal ones if you’re interested in looking a bit trimmer – they draw the eye down the body as opposed to across it.

Similarly, if you want to broaden out narrow shoulders or appear larger, horizontal stripes could be the way to go.

It’s actually been scientifically proven though that narrow, black stripes can actually make you look slimmer. So when it comes to stripes, there’s more than meets the eye. Chat to our master tailors if you’re fancying pinstripes, candy stripes or any kind of stripe and we can assist on a case-by-case basis to suit your body size and shape.

“An untucked shirt is slovenly.”

Since being a schoolboy, we’ve been told an untucked shirt is sloppy… It could even get us detention. But actually, if you’re wearing a smart flat-bottomed shirt, you do have the option to wear it untucked and hide your waist.

Sometimes, a tucked-in shirt can hug the bulge a little too tightly.

“Avoid clothes off the rack.”

Any fashion designer will tell you that ready-to-wear isn’t as sumptuous or flattering as bespoke creations. And naturally, at Ascots & Chapels, we know that fitted, tailored garments are the pieces you’ll look best in – and can last a lifetime.

Tailoring really is your best friend. It’s a solid investment because a suit well-fitted is a suit that’s always on trend.

That’s not to say you can’t get good quality looks straight from the hanger. And there are decent options, especially if you’re on a budget. But if you can afford bespoke tailoring, it would be rude not to. There’s not much better than meeting your tailor to discuss your dream suit – with details no one else will have – that’s painstakingly crafted by a true expert around your body for the perfect fit.

Have you got any clothing tips you think make your body look better? Or maybe there’s some you simply don’t believe in. Drop them all in the comments and we’ll get back to you with some insider know-how. Speak soon!

Author: Gary Sweeney