Crafting your signature style: the power of bespoke clothes customisation

While every man appreciates the merits of a bespoke suit when it comes to fit and longevity, at Ascots & Chapels, we’re always surprised by how few truly understand the possibilities of customisation.

Customisation is an opportunity to create a wardrobe as distinctive as your fingerprint – and it’s the secret that separates the men from the boys in the world of suiting.

So, with this in mind, we thought it was high time to decode the mysteries of customisation and explore the myriad ways you can personalise your suits to reflect your individual style and personality.

Mastering fabrics

Fabric plays a crucial role in how you wear your suit so, whatever you choose, make sure it combines comfort, durability and elegance. This is your chance to break free from the constraints of those fabrics pushed on you by brands and choose some threads no polyester blend can match. Think Italian wool is so fine it could charm the coldest hearts, Scottish cashmere is so plush it’s practically a permanent hug, and Egyptian cotton is so comfortable you could wear it for weeks.

Distinctive design

Forget cookie-cutter conformity, one of the greatest joys of customisation is that it puts you in the driver’s seat. Your tailor will offer you a bevy of options when it comes to the design, from the cut of your jacket to the number of vents (slits in the back of the jacket).

Lapels? Choose from not just one, but an array – each a statement in its own right, from the understated notch to the assertive peak to the Black Tie shawl. Pockets? Get them patched (sewn into the outside of the jacket for the most casual look), flapped or jetted (for a truly formal look). Trousers? Pleats or no pleats, cuffs or no cuffs – your legs, your rules. The power of choice isn’t just about preference, it’s about personal expression.

Luxury linings

This is where a chap can really put a stamp on his suit, but most forget about it. Even opting for a subtle contrast in colour speaks volumes about your discerning taste and personal style. At Ascots & Chapels, we often collaborate with local and international artists to create bespoke digital prints that celebrate the heritage of the region or evoke tales of far-off lands. These sorts of details may seem small, but they can have a big impact on the way your suit looks.

All buttoned up

Remember gents, the quality of the button says a lot about the quality of the suit, so this isn’t the time or place to scrimp. A good button is to a suit what jewellery is to a gown – a statement of taste and refinement. Plastic buttons need not apply. Instead, seek out natural materials, like the timeless elegance of horn, the smooth tacticity of corozo and the opulent gleam of antique gold and silver. Think of it as a punctuation mark on your bespoke sentence, if you will.

Personalised monograms

Ah, monograms. So much more than putting your initials on your cuff – though we always think this is a nice touch. This is an opportunity to mark your suit as uniquely yours. Healthy obsession with horoscopes? Why not add your zodiac sign? Lineage to be proud of? Add a family crest. You could even add your favourite logo in tiny embroidered stitching. A bespoke suit isn’t just tailored, it’s personalised.

Detailing lapels

Speaking of details that make a difference, let’s talk lapels. It’s not just a swatch of fabric, it’s a sly nod to your style IQ. Choose wisely, gents, for the right colour is the final brushstroke on a delectable suit canvas. At Ascots & Chapels, we have a wide range of colours that will add a welcome contrast to your suit and turn your lapel into a conversation starter. It’s the little things that count, and in bespoke, every detail—from lapel to lining—is an opportunity to showcase your style.

Special occasion stitching

Some occasions deserve more than a passing nod —a wedding, an anniversary, or a milestone, so why not immortalise them within your suit? Our bespoke service allows you to stitch a date, a name, or a sentiment inside your jacket, ensuring that every time you put it on, you’re reminded of the moments that matter most.

Final thoughts

The allure of bespoke isn’t just about fit or fabric – it’s about the story. It’s a narrative of taste, preference and history, far more than the sum of its parts. So, gents, next time you’re tempted by the convenience of ready-to-wear, remember this: true style isn’t found on a rack—it’s discovered in the bespoke details.

Why not pop into your favourite store to discuss the endless possibilities of customisation with one of our tailors? Your perfect suit awaits, gents.

Author: Gary Sweeney