The High Mileage Suit: How to create a suit for on-the-go gents

Often, the businessmen and entrepreneurs we serve are constantly on the go. You’re in and out of meetings, attending events, in the car throughout the day and even flying too. You’re versatile with great endurance – and that’s what you should be demanding from your suits to match. If you’re reading this thinking “that’s me”, we’ve got you covered in this new blog post. So what should you bear in mind when suit shopping?

Consider the fabric of your suits or new blazer

It seems simple enough but a lot of people haven’t got a clue about materials or haven’t thought about the best option for them – and that’s OK. That’s where Ascots & Chapels premium tailors come in to advise you. For instance, a crisp linen blazer may sound like a nice idea. We instantly think of that fancy European vibe. However, give it a chance in your repertoire and after one car journey in the Dubai heat, it might start looking over-worn. So instead, opt for fabrics that are crease-free such as winter-friendly wool, knit blends and cashmere styles.

Cashmere is a luxury fabric that’s soft, strong and lightweight (but also warm). It can wrinkle if not stored correctly but once you hang it or lay it flat, the creases should release. Knits, from cotton to wool, are less wrinkle-prone when they’re thick, not thin so that’s something to consider for colder seasons. And wool is incredibly wrinkle-resistant so always a safe best. No need to thank us later…

Choose outfits that can be broken down

Without a nudge in the right direction, some men struggle to see their outfit as parts of a whole. What we mean is, just because you leave the house in the morning in your new suit, doesn’t mean you’ll be in that suit jacket all day long – especially if you’re starting off with a super-formal meeting and then have a more casual, internal one later on. With your own schedule in mind, consider that your outfit may need to be ‘broken down’ while you’re on the go. Consider the separates, and make sure your shirt is smart enough to be used as a standalone piece with your trousers without the blazer and tie (and that it works as a full set when you need to be suited, too).

Take good care of your items

This one’s a given but, sadly, not everyone does it. It may be tempting to fling your suit jacket across the back of the carseat when you’re in a rush going from meeting to meeting – or undo your tie as soon as you get a chance to – but try to pause and take time to look after or store your items accordingly. Not just throughout the day on the move but once you get home and get changed as well. This helps preserve the quality of your garments and will keep you looking well-dressed, no matter how long you’ve been on the road.

Consider different accessories

And last but not least, think about the accessories you can use to mix up a look. Say you’re in a very formal outfit in the morning but you’re off to a casual meeting or industry event thereafter… Is there anything that can be done to tone down your outfit? We betcha there is. One option we always think about is footwear. Go for an outfit that can be paired with both formal shoes and more casual trainers or boat shoes. That way, you can quickly shake up your look from the feet up. So as well as taking off your jacket and tie, you’re also able to quickly switch shoes and refresh the aesthetic.

The same goes for other accessories, like headwear, bow ties or even a statement watch. You could bring a bold patterned handkerchief with you in your hand luggage and add it to your jacket pocket when you take off your tie. You’ll instantly give your suit a more relaxed, playful feel.

Have we missed anything? We’d love to get your take on how you create and mix up your look when you’re on the go. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon at your nearest location!

Author: Gary Sweeney